05 August 2011

A Tag

I was tagged bei Nik, so I'm going to answer some questions, how he did.

-What's your name?
-How old are you?
14 (in 8 days I'm 15)
-How is your blog called?
Remote future
-Your Hobbys:
photography, meet friends, blogging, music, dance
-Favorite season?
-What camera do you have?
-Realationship status
-Favorite blog?
dunno, I can't decide, 'cause many blogs are fantastic
-How did it happen that you're blogging?
oh, once I've found a blog about lifestyle and photography on the internet (I don't remember the name) but I thought it would be fun to have an own blog, so I asked Anh to start one with me and she said yes :)
-Interior style of your room?
haha, errr.. dunno what to say, 'cause i haven't got a room at the moment, as I already said, I'm moving so.. yes
-Is there anyone you hate?
I HATE nobody, but I DON'T LIKE many people
-Favourite holiday destination?
Amerika, China, Russia, France (I could tell more, but there are toooooo much)

Sooooo, I tag: Anh and Kathy