30 July 2011

When the sun goes down

Here I am. I'ts my first post about my holidays in Italy. I think I'll post more, because I'm here for about a month. This are photos I took yesterday when I was outside at the see. It was so windy, so my hair looks a bit very disheveled.

25 July 2011


Here are the analogue photos Anh and me tookI'm satisfied, dunno what about her, but i think she also likes. How you see i've got internet now! So I'm gonna post some photos of Italy tomorrow. And also a "video" if i can.

19 July 2011

Information :)

I know, I post too rarely. But as Anh said, I'm moving to another city and that's really hard work, so I don't have much time to write or upload photos. I took so many photos and they aren't that bad, but now I don't wanna show you "old" photos. But: I'm waiting for the analog photos which Anh and me took.
I hope I'll have more time in Italy for my blog.
I know I'll have more time in Italy for my blog!

13 July 2011

Pullover: Monki, Hot-Pants: Vintage, Boots: Primark, Bag: Soma

03 July 2011

My last post

I have a real sad message for you. Wioletta is moving to another city and since we will be seperated by many miles, we won't be able to post together anymore. So we decided to each have an own blog. She will keep remote-future.blogspot.com and I made a new one: tha-darlinh.blogspot.com . I hope you'll visit me there and follow the blog.

This is my last post from here. I will really miss remote-future and also Wioletta.

01 July 2011

smile of a child

A small shoot with my sister again. i hope you like the results :)